Davis Park Association - 2020 Membership 

<< NOT FOR HOMEOWNERS >>  Renters, Boaters, and Other Friends of Davis Park:
Become an Associate Member of the DPA.
  • Stay current on beach news.
  • Attend DPA member meetings (refreshments and door prizes).
  • Make your views known.
  • Support the work of the DPA.
  • Annual dues $25.

January 2020 -  Dear Friends and Neighbors:

It’s time to join the DPA for 2020, sign up for Damminix treatments and order Recycle Cans. Please show your appreciation for the tireless work of your DPA Board and volunteers by becoming a DPA Member ( $60 )

Provide your email and stay current on beach news throughout the year.

Please also give generously to our various community-enhancing endeavors. Mail your completed form and check(s) to DPA Inc., 71 Windy Whisper Drive, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081


2020 DPA Membership Form


Membership Dues
FINS Fund Raiser
CRAB, 4th of July Donations 

DPA Inc., 71 Windy Whisper Drive, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081

Davis Park Association - DPA Efforts
  • Beach Erosion
  • Insect Control [ Damminix Program ]
  • Walk Repair
  • Beautification
  • Walk Liaisons
The Davis Park Association represents the interests of Davis Park - Ocean Ridge homeowners and residents and sponsors a variety of social and civic events.

The DPA works with Town, County, State and Federal officials on erosion control, boardwalks, mosquitoes, West Nile, environmental assessments, and driving regulations, to highlight a few of the areas we are working on in an effort to make everyone’s summer a bit better. Volunteers are attending meetings at many government levels so that a Davis Park voice is heard before a regulation or law is created.

DPA volunteers also work on community beautification and other projects, run a variety of community events and serve as community liaisons. Your support of DPA is thanks to volunteers and will ensure a better community for summers to come.

'NEW' 2020 DPA 'Associate Member'
Attend Meetings ~ Voice Opinions ~ Stay Current on Beach News
Associate Member ($25) – open to renters, boaters and other friends
who do not own property in the community
Associate Me
mbership: 2020 Form

Davis Park Association- DPA Newsletters  

Paid DPA members (homeowners and associate members) receive periodic newsletters (via eMail) covering information, updates and announcements relevant to projects and issues facing the Davis Park / Ocean Ridge and Fire Island Communities. 

Davis Park Association - General Meeting Minutes   

Davis Park Association - CONSTITUTION & BYLAWS  
Adopted: September 2018

emailQuestions? ... Contact:  dpa@davispark.org