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 "Bedside Manor"- #7 Dune Walk  (See map below)
 Phone: 631-597-6141 / Cell number is 631-553-1284


Davis Park Medical Association, Inc.
May 2021

Dear Davis Park and Ocean Ridge Neighbors,

I hope that you and your family are well. We return to Davis Park for our second summer with the world trying to contain and end the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 season is beginning and we are fortunate that in spite of the pandemic, we have a group of skilled medical professionals available to assist us if the need should arise.

The DP Medical Association facilitates this work by providing comfortable housing at a reduced rental price and an examination room for the medical team.  In addition, the Davis Park Ferry provides complementary tickets for the medical professional and their family.  Your tax-deductible dues and donations are critical to covering the cost of maintaining Bedside Manor. 
Bedside Manor, located at 7 Dune Walk just east of the Casino, is in need of significant repairs.  Specifically, the south side of the house may require replacement of the walls.  In addition,  due to normal settling of the property over time, the majority of the windows do not close properly and are damaged.  The DPMA board is evaluating the best and most cost effective way to make appropriate repairs.  As a result of these needs, we are adding a special line to the dues form seeking contributions to support this work.

Please take a minute to fill out the contribution form and mail it along with your check to the address below. Additional donations are always appreciated. Donations of $1000.00 or more are entitled to a remembrance plaque which hangs on the exterior of Bedside Manor.

The DPMA Medical Staff will continue to follow the special protocols established last year because of the pandemic.  Specifically, while the staff will respond to emergencies as they have in the past, there will not be regular office hours.  The staff will be available for virtual consultations by calling either the Bedside Manor house phone at 631-597-6141 or the staff cell phone at 631-553-1284.  The staff will reevaluate the situation in late June to determine if changes are warranted.

We wish you a healthy and accident-free summer!

Sincerely, Richard Simon, DPMA President 

  • Full Weeks: June 4th thru September 6th  2021
  • Weekends only: April 24th thru June 4th and September 11th thru October 11th 2021

The nonprofit Davis Park Medical Association (DPMA) owns and maintains a dwelling, "Bedside Manor", at 7 Dune Walk in the Ocean Ridge section of Davis Park, Fire Island.
This dwelling is rented during the summer season to doctors and nurse practitioners who provide basic medical services during scheduled office hours and who are on call at all other times during their residence there.

Members of the DPMA include any persons owning or leasing a cottage in Davis Park who pay a tax-deductible membership fee.
Directors and Officers of the DPMA are community volunteers who are elected at an annual meeting each summer.
Medical Office Address is: 7 Dune Walk, Davis Park, NY 
Telephone: (631) 597-6141 / Cell number is 631-553-1284 
E-mail: Contact the DPMA 

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